Sunday, September 19, 2010

Antique Books, Flowers, and Twine

Has anyone been to Restoration Hardware lately?
I love some things about their new look, like their use of linen,
and reclaimed wood pieces.
I would say over all that the store has lost me.
Even though most of RH's furniture is oversized and over priced,
I still did enjoyed shopping there and there was always something
that was well within my price range.
I loved the quality and the old retro touches they had,
as well as interesting cleaning and kitchen gadgets.
But this last visit was a disappointment.

I did however spy these old antique books with the covers torn off.

The colours of the old pages speak to me, and I really think they'd look beautiful any place
you choose to put them.

But who needs RH to rip the covers off of old books when I can easily do that myself.
I'm sure I can round up a few old books and some string for less than the $29 US price tag.

So I left for home on a mission to tear covers off my old book collection, but of course by the time I got home I had forgotten about the idea it completely.
(So much is going on at home these days that forgetting about creative ideas is easily done.)

Then I came across this post at one of my favorite blogs, My Sweet Savannah, that reminded me of this idea in the nicest way! She adds such a sweet, flea market twist to these old books -
and actually I like hers so much better than the ones at Restoration Hardware.

Aren't they beautiful?

My sister and I split a box of old books that we found while out at a garage sale a few weeks ago.
I got these three sweet books but I couldn't for the life of me bring myself to pull the covers off.

I added a forgotton old flower pin of my grandma's, a little twine, and wha- la!

I think they go beautifully together!

How do you display your old books?

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Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Almost Back!

Tomorrow my baby starts Kindergarten!
(I promise I'm not gonna cry.)

The thought of having the time to finish a thought seems like a luxury to me.

Yes, I LOVE my kids ...

but who could blame me for being excited about having a few hours each day to myself.
After all I will probably be doing laundry and breakfast dishes anyhow.

I hope all your back-to-schools go smoothly!

Talk soon!

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