Sunday, September 19, 2010

Antique Books, Flowers, and Twine

Has anyone been to Restoration Hardware lately?
I love some things about their new look, like their use of linen,
and reclaimed wood pieces.
I would say over all that the store has lost me.
Even though most of RH's furniture is oversized and over priced,
I still did enjoyed shopping there and there was always something
that was well within my price range.
I loved the quality and the old retro touches they had,
as well as interesting cleaning and kitchen gadgets.
But this last visit was a disappointment.

I did however spy these old antique books with the covers torn off.

The colours of the old pages speak to me, and I really think they'd look beautiful any place
you choose to put them.

But who needs RH to rip the covers off of old books when I can easily do that myself.
I'm sure I can round up a few old books and some string for less than the $29 US price tag.

So I left for home on a mission to tear covers off my old book collection, but of course by the time I got home I had forgotten about the idea it completely.
(So much is going on at home these days that forgetting about creative ideas is easily done.)

Then I came across this post at one of my favorite blogs, My Sweet Savannah, that reminded me of this idea in the nicest way! She adds such a sweet, flea market twist to these old books -
and actually I like hers so much better than the ones at Restoration Hardware.

Aren't they beautiful?

My sister and I split a box of old books that we found while out at a garage sale a few weeks ago.
I got these three sweet books but I couldn't for the life of me bring myself to pull the covers off.

I added a forgotton old flower pin of my grandma's, a little twine, and wha- la!

I think they go beautifully together!

How do you display your old books?

I'm linking up to "Make it 4 Mondays"
at my friend Cindy's blog,

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  1. Yummy! I don't care for a whole lot in RH except their delicious paint :)

    I have lots of old vintage books from my husband's grandfather with neat old covers...I keep meaning to use them as decor here and there, but, um, yeah. Hopefully now I'll get to it since I'm starting my fall decorating blitz!

    Hey! Link this post to my Mi4M post girl!

  2. Hi, I'm an antiques dealer, and I've sold so many of these thanks to RH (mine were much cheaper). I love their new look, but the price tags could be better. Great post.
    The Swedish Room

  3. I love what you did with your old books. I use them around our home and have a few on the table in my latest post on my blog but adding the flower and twine adds a great touch. I think I would like to borrow your creative idea. Enjoyed visiting you today.

  4. I really hate their new look. So gray and washed out. It looks like some sort of post apocalyptic nightmare.

  5. I've been wanting to do this! I love RH but not the prices! Your books look awesome, when I get around to posting mine I'll link up with you. We must be on the same page, I'm showing RH pictures tomrorrow :) Great minds think alike :)

  6. I agree with you about RH. Boring!

    I love how your books look, and I'm glad that you didn't tear the covers off! They are gorgeous as is!

    xo Gigi

  7. Your books look great. The covers colours are so neat, they certainly didn't need to be removed.

  8. Hi Katherine! I found you at Cottage Instincts! I love when I find beautiful Canadian bloggers! I love your old books. I had a stack of old books tied up in a stack with pink ribbon for a long time when I was in University and newly married. I loved, loved, loved Victoria magazine back then. I still have old books all over the house in every room. They lend a character that cannot be duplicated! Have a great Monday! Angie xo

  9. Hi! I came over from Cottage Instincts, too. I was SO relieved when you said you couldn't rip off the covers. They look great! I love old books (to actually read) and it's a bonus that they're beautiful, too.


  10. Hi. I found your lovely blog today through another blog. Now I'm your new follower. I love books and have sold many old books decorated different ways. Your books with the beautiful flowers are so pretty. I look forward to visiting again.

  11. Lovely! I love the flower pin on top :) I'm a follower now... and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some old books so I can do the same!

  12. I love decorating with books and making crafts with them. I go to the used book store at my library and pick them up for their titles, the colors, or the lovely yellowed pages! These are great with the covers on!


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