Friday, May 21, 2010

Speaking of Ladders...

Don't you see beautiful old chippy ladders in books, magazines and blogs and just drool?
I do!
For years I've been thinking I'd find the perfect wooden ladder at a garage sale, but sadly I never did.
The day I went to Donna's open house I made a quick stop along the way and found this beauty!
She was just sitting there in the rain with a $10 tag on here amongst a pile of other "junk".
She was mine!
You gotta admit she is sweet - as far as ladders go!
I love the touches of rust, the blue-green paint, and even the tiny bits of pink.

But now what???

I searched the internet for inspiration and came up with this.....
I love the simplicity of the two horizontal ladders.

And this - the nicest pot rack I've ever seen.

I love this one!
Simple, bright, functional, fun, and junky... what more could you ask for?

I even love these metal ladders... though they wouldn't work in my house.
source - Decorating Junk Market Style - you should read this one!
(Excuse the horrible photo, I photographed a page in a book.)
Look how the ladder is mounted onto the wall, and on each rung there is a shelf made from vintage heat vent covers. So clever!

So with all my new found inspiration
I dusted off the old ladder and brought her into my house.
First I propped her up right here...
Not bad.
I tried to add a few nicknacks but the rungs need to be level for that!
So I moved her to here.....

Well a beautiful ladder like this one would look good anywhere but
this wasn't doing it for me either...
So I moved it again.
If I can't balance nicknacks, maybe hanging things is the way to go.

I dug out some retro bedding that I love and ....
although I like this to look at... I really would have to completely redo our bedroom...
this was just too much of a new direction!

So I plopped her here and I am quite happy with the simplicity of this.
I'm sure she's just happy to be inside!

Care to join?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catch of the Day

Today's fishing expedition was successful indeed!
It was one of those days where I was not too hopeful about what might be out there and almost considered not going out... so glad I did!
Here's what I found.....
A bunch of vintage doorknobs (I've wanted to find some for a long time!)

I've been on the hunt for some old books to decorate with and found these!
I am so excited about these little gems.
They are children's school books some as old as 1836!!!
My favorite is called, "Arithmetic for the Slate"!
The best part is they were $2!!!!!

Can you have enough crocks?

I searching for a carboy ever since the Pottery Barn Catalouge came out with them for $256 US. I knew I could do better - I found this baby for $5!

And this wicker chair will most likely end up in my bedroom somewhere.
perhaps with a new coat of paint and maybe even
a granny square throw slung over the side....
we'll see.

Did you get any good finds this weekend?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Fun Mother's Day Word Gift

My eight year old came home from school and told me about a fun website called
He made a fun word collage out of Pokeman names in computer class.
I immediately thought it would be fun to use this sight to make my mom something for
Mother's Day with all the words I could use to describe her.
It was super easy to do and you can play around with the colour and fonts as well.
Here is what I came up with.....
I think I will use it for a Mother's Day card but this could be fun to use in so many ways!

(A little tip my boy told me - the more times you type a word the larger it will appear. So less important words type once, more important words type two or three times. Good luck creating!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hidden Treasures of May

Lilies of the Valley are one of my favorite flowers.
For some reason or other I had forgotten that my ten year old flower-loving daughter
had planted these during her Flower Fairy phase.
Luckily today I noticed a dainty little white bell peeking out from behind it's big green leaves.
Almost missed these little treasures this year as this was all that was left for us to enjoy.
Looking forward to seeing you next year!
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