Friday, May 21, 2010

Speaking of Ladders...

Don't you see beautiful old chippy ladders in books, magazines and blogs and just drool?
I do!
For years I've been thinking I'd find the perfect wooden ladder at a garage sale, but sadly I never did.
The day I went to Donna's open house I made a quick stop along the way and found this beauty!
She was just sitting there in the rain with a $10 tag on here amongst a pile of other "junk".
She was mine!
You gotta admit she is sweet - as far as ladders go!
I love the touches of rust, the blue-green paint, and even the tiny bits of pink.

But now what???

I searched the internet for inspiration and came up with this.....
I love the simplicity of the two horizontal ladders.

And this - the nicest pot rack I've ever seen.

I love this one!
Simple, bright, functional, fun, and junky... what more could you ask for?

I even love these metal ladders... though they wouldn't work in my house.
source - Decorating Junk Market Style - you should read this one!
(Excuse the horrible photo, I photographed a page in a book.)
Look how the ladder is mounted onto the wall, and on each rung there is a shelf made from vintage heat vent covers. So clever!

So with all my new found inspiration
I dusted off the old ladder and brought her into my house.
First I propped her up right here...
Not bad.
I tried to add a few nicknacks but the rungs need to be level for that!
So I moved her to here.....

Well a beautiful ladder like this one would look good anywhere but
this wasn't doing it for me either...
So I moved it again.
If I can't balance nicknacks, maybe hanging things is the way to go.

I dug out some retro bedding that I love and ....
although I like this to look at... I really would have to completely redo our bedroom...
this was just too much of a new direction!

So I plopped her here and I am quite happy with the simplicity of this.
I'm sure she's just happy to be inside!

Care to join?


  1. That is a really cool looking ladder!! I know as you ponder and look at it, the perfect place and purpose will come to you!

  2. Great shade! I think you have more than one picture of your versions but I can only for some reason view the last. But I too love the simplicity of it just being 'there.'

    Thanks for linking it up to the ladder party at SNS!
    FJ Donna

  3. Love your ladder. great colors!!


    barbara jean

  4. Love the colors of your sweet ladder and I think it would look great anywhere you put it, such a beauty!!!

  5. that is a beautiful ladder! I love the color so very shabby chic! My ladder doesn't have level rungs either, but very carefully I managed to balance quite a lot on it anyway. Not suitable for a high traffic corner but left undisturbed it works quite well.
    Still can't get over those colors!!!
    Oh and that you got to go to Donna's open house. Big envy here!

  6. Very cool look! The colors are pretty amazing. Great find :)

  7. I looove it!! It's just so perfectly chippy and gorgeous...and my favourite colour! Great find! I love where it is right now....lovely just simple like that...although it looked great in all of the other "locales" too :)

    Have a wonderful long weekend!


  8. That was a fun post. Thanks. I think your ladder is so pretty all on it's own too. I am glad other people have to move stuff all over the house or try things over and over to get it right. Sometimes you think everyone else just puts it together easily ane perfectly the first time except for you and then you see nope...we all have to try and try again. I like the place the wonderf ladder finally sits.

  9. Love your find! The colours are fantastic as well as the patina. I think it looks perfect tucked in it's present space. You could place it in a bathroom to hang towels on? Just another idea:)
    Enjoy your long weekend.


  10. You ladder is a real gem. There are so many ways to use one, it does look wonderful where you have it, I think. I missed getting an old chippy, black, wooden single ladder last weekend when we could put things at the curb for people to take away. It was too long and cumbersome for my grandson and I to carry. I keep thinking about it, though. I wish I had persevered and got it in my van. Oh well!

  11. That's a sweet ladder. I have ladder-envy! You're right, it would look good anywhere.

  12. That ladder needs no adornment. It is a piece of art as is. Love the colors.


  13. Hi Catherine,

    I can imagine why you took that ladder with you. The colours are simply great!! I like the place you gave it. It turned into a beautiful corner. The idea of the pot rack looks good too. When you have a country kitchen it would definetely work!!

    Wish you a sunny day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. Hi Catherine,
    What a great ladder!! I definitely need to go hunting for one. I love the way they look in a room.
    I think your ladder looks great in the first picture next to the black dresser with the phone on it. Looks great just the way it is, w/o anything on it because it has such a great paint color and patina to it!!

    Have a wonderful day!

    :) ~ Jo

  15. That is a great looking ladder!

  16. That looks so great exactly where you put it!

  17. I love that ladder ,I hope to find the same one!

  18. Gorgeous ladder and love all the ideas I'm getting from your blog!

  19. I have a ladder from my boys' bunkbed in my bathroom holding towels and I love it! Looks like you found a beauty!

  20. Love that ladder! The colours are beautiful!!
    I think it looks perfect where you placed ot... :)
    Im your newest follower...(purehunnybee)
    Come and visit :)


  21. Fabulous find...the good ones are near and far. Love the colors and patina!


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