Monday, January 17, 2011

Mark Your Calendars All You Junkers!

I don't know about you but I drool at the mere mention of the Farm Chicks show in Spokane!
I have thought a lot about going, but with three kids, and an eight hour drive it seems like a bit much to pull off just.
Well now there is something for us in the Pacific North West -

The Island Chicks Vintage Home Garden & More sale.

This vintage sale takes place in Anacortes, Washington
which is about 45 minutes drive from our Vancouver - Bellingham border.
The show is on April 16th, and the doors open at 9 am with a $3 admission.


  1. Fun! Will have to mark it on the calendar!

  2. Is this like an antique fair or something, Catherine? If so... I want to go!!!

  3. have fun! I wish I still lived in Portand, I miss it sooo much. Michigan is Way to cold:(

  4. I'm so envious! Wish we had something like this here. Hope you're well, Catherine! xo Gigi

  5. Hi Catherine,

    It was lovely to meet you today, wish we'd had more chance to chat! Thanks for sharing this with us, I am SO there, putting it on the calendar right now!!!

    Just picked up one child, off to take her to cooking class, pick up another, then the other one and hubby will be done soccer! That's why I had to leave lunch early!!


  6. Love it. Let's get a carload of west coast bloggers and we'll head out for the day. Carol

  7. This looks fun! I had to laugh when I saw your bio... I love spring clean-up too!!!... and you wouldn't believe what people throw out here, not just at spring clean-up. Big Canadian wave from the Abbotsford Mission area. Cheers Christine


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