Sunday, November 15, 2009

When Life Gives You Stuff - Make Stuffies!

I'm linking this post to Cindy's at Cottage Instincts "I made it with what I had Party".
Actually, we (my daughter and I) made it with what we had.

You may have seen these little creatures on a previous post, if you have then you already know their story ....

My funny little creative nine year old daughter always wants to do something crafty. Last weekend she drew this sweet little puppy and told me that she wanted to make a stuffed puppy that looked like it had been loved for years and she wanted it to looked like a crazy old lady that couldn't see very well made it! She is a funny one! Looks like she like likes things with a soul to them too!
She went through my scraps of fabric and buttons and here is the results!

I absolutely adore this little guy and think this is the most brilliant design ever!

Isn't this sweet? We'll keep this one forever!

My son put an order in for a monster so I made him out of some old sweaters I had.

Then I made this little rag doll out of my daughters old clothes and the body and head is made out of an old wool blanket. Total cost for all three stuffies - a big fat zero! (Cuz' we made it with what we had!)
End result - priceless!!!!


  1. Very, very cute!! What a great idea and you did an awesome job!

    Stopping by from Cindy's party...


  2. These are so cute! I think I like the lopsided eyed bunny best!

  3. Just precious, I can't even pick a favorite I love them all.

  4. Again, I think these are just amazingly cute. I so love that you included your kiddos in your crafting. Mine never wanted to participate....well except for my 10yo son who is making glue bookmarks for christmas gifts. Glue??? Ah well. At least he's using his imagination :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. These are adorable and a wonderful project to do together! Very nice.

    They say (who are "they" anyway?) that it takes 8 seconds from when you first walk into a house for sale to decide if you want to buy it or not. I think it takes about the same amount of time to decide on whether on not to follow a blog - I just became your 14th Follower! :)

    Enjoy your day,

  6. Love these! What a cute idea your daughter had!

  7. Aw! LOVE these and love that cute picture at the end.

  8. They are adorable! What a fun project!

  9. Awwwhhh ... your making me have crazy baby thoughts now! So cute!

  10. Darling project!! I think my niece might be getting one of these for Christmas!

  11. They all turned out so dang cute!!! I love the puppy the best. And the last photo is definitely priceless!!!

  12. I love that you nine year old daughter is already designing and making her own things! I hope my daughter will be doing that too! So far she loves to create and I give her lots of opportunities.

  13. oh sweetheart, what a beautiful place you have here. i love it.
    isn't it something, how a bit of fabric can bring such love.
    : )

  14. Sorry your trip to the thrift store was not so profitable with your cloche project!! I have a picture of my table full of all kinds of glassware and misc. It took forever to come up with the cloches and apothecary jars I made but it sure was fun!


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