Sunday, November 8, 2009

We've been busy!!

We finally got Halloween behind us, then I spent an entire day organizing my attic of it's sweater collections, boxes of thrifty finds, old kids toys and outgrown kids clothes. Every year I sell what I can at a local Kids Swap.
I love getting rid of stuff
almost as much as I like collecting it!
That is a bit weird, even I have to admit!
I listed a few things on ebay, and then spent a day cleaning house.
There is nothing better than a clean house to make you want to break out the crafts!

My daughter came up with a design for the cutest stuffed dog that I ever did see! I actually think it is brilliant! I love how the tail is off to the side. So sweet!
I think that is sooo funny and I think she actually achieved that!

My middle boy (for lack of a better description) put an order in for a monster - and I did not want to disappoint!

My youngest says that he scares the nightmares away - that's pretty cute!
His name is now Mr. Monster.

I often find her cuddled up with her youngest brother as I did last night, and I was touched to see that she had given her new creation to him to cuddle for the night.

The weekend was a success!
Sweet, nightmare free dreams precious children.


  1. How completely adorable Catherine! Your daughter's creation is amazing...definitely got your creative genes :o) This would be a great one to link up to my party on the 16th as you 'used what you had' with terrific results!

  2. Your daughter is a hoot--and a creative girl, just like her mum! All of these creations are fantastic. The best part is seeing the photos of the kids drifting off to dreams; they clearly love their new stuffed friends.

    What a wonderful post! xoxo Gigi

    PS I love purging just as much as I love collecting, too! It keeps the clutter at bay, doesn't it?!

  3. Everything is so adorable! Your daughter is so creative and funny! I love the pictures of your sleeping children... so sweet :)

  4. Love your creativity, and your children's! I made an elephant out of an old children's sweater, and my kids loved it. So soft. The monster is great, and so is the dog and doll. what talent.

  5. I love your daughter's Picasso puppy. Too cute! It's clear that talent definitely runs in your family.


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