Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beautiful Holiday Entertaining Ideas!

I have a bit of time on my hands lately as I seem to have put my back out! Having this happen right before Christmas is extremely unfortunate timing and I am unable to do anything. Really! After a few days of watching the laundry pile up, and the dust bunnies, kids socks, and toys collect all over the house I have now resigned myself to the fact there is nothing I can do about it. (No point even watching my home deteriorate before my very eyes.)
My hubby has sent me to bed and has rigged up my Imac bedside - now I can waste away my time in cyberspace.
So after much surfing I have found a few retro goodies for your holiday entertaining. These ideas are simple and can be easily executed with things you have on hand such as tin foil!
(You may Thank me later!) I hope you enjoy!

Check out this beautiful tin foil snowman centerpiece! Lovingly decorated with candy canes and lollipops. And what could be hiding inside those foil balls? Could it be Swedish meatballs, or perhaps they are mini jiffy pop popcorn surprises? My best guess is a chocolaty treat made with colored mini marshmallows and crispy chow mien noodles. Yum!
(Has anyone ever had those as kid?)
I love this idea for it's simple beauty. What better way to put out flatware for your guest than to creatively lay them out in the shape of a festive Christmas tree! Your guest will be talking about this one!

Why not leave the good china in the cabinet, forget about the environment, and start a new tradition this year by going completely disposable!
Did you know that you can finish up the look of your styrofoam plates and disposable plastic tumblers by simply placing a real glass plate or saucer beneath it? Use real metal flatware for an elegant touch. And the tinfoil angel sets the stage for an evening of festivities and fun.

For your next cookie exchange leave the cellophane and ribbon behind, these lovely take away foil serving dishes are where it's at this year. Plus you can say, "I made it myself!"

Ok, so I've had a little too much time on my hands........ but we've come a long way though haven't we?


  1. These are a hoot, Catherine! I especially love the tinfoil angel who appears to be juggling those stars.

    I am so sorry to hear about your back!!! I threw mine out earlier this fall and I was a mess for about three weeks, but I don't have kids and it wasn't Christmastime, so my heart goes out to you! I wish I could come over and help you out at this busy time. Glad to hear that your sweet husband rigged it so you can at least play on your computer.

    Happy Holidays! Here's hoping your back is better soon. I ended up going to the doctor and getting a prescription muscle relaxant that saved me! I think it made me a little loopy to live with, but at least I could sleep at night!

    xoxo Gigi

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure my mom owned the craft book some of those images came from *snicker*

    So sorry about your back! Hope it rights itself soon, before you have to jump down the chimney and all :)

    Merry Christmas, Sweets!


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