Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Olympic Torch Has Passed Us!

We woke the kids up at 6 am to rush down the street to see the torch pass us by.
Surprisingly, the kids actually woke up for it,
and with the exception of our youngest they were actually in good spirits at this early hour.

Early Morning Torch Crowds

There were thousands of people lining the streets - I couldn't believe how many people would come out in the pouring rain, and at the crack of dawn to see this torch pass by.

My First Attempt at a Torch Photo

(Someone waved their flag right in front of my camera when the torch bearer was right in front of us - perfect timing.)

The torch as it runs away from us.

One last pass with the torch.
I've decided rain, darkness and a speeding subject do not make for fabulous pictures .
Oh well I guess I will have to rely on my memories for this moment.

The Olympic excitement is definitely growing and there is a incredible energy in the air that simply can not be described.
I am a big mush ball and things like this always make me teary - I rarely can get through a national anthem with out kleenex, and seeing this Olympic torch, as fast and fleeting as it was , was a great moment and a once in a lifetime experience.

Wish you could all be here!


  1. How exciting, and what a great memory for your kids to have! I'm a mush ball, too, so I totally, totally get it!

  2. I'm sure the excitment up your way is at a fevered pitch now! How cool that you saw the torch being carried....Very cool.

  3. We can hardly wait 'till the opening ceremonies tomorrow. The torch passed through our town December 19th and we've had Olympic fever since! I heard today that Wayne Gretzky will be the final torch bearer?? That would be really cool.

  4. We saw the torch pass by on Monday - right past our block here in Walnut Grove! We are going to be glued to the TV tonight wondering if the rumors are true that Wayne Gretzky will be the final torch bearer???
    So exciting isn't it?


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