Friday, February 12, 2010

Absolutely Giddy with Olympic Spirit!

As you may have read in my last post, the Olympic torch passed us by yesterday. Soon after that post we were able to catch up with a few torch bearers at a gathering near our home. My kids and I sat and had lunch with a wonderful lady who carried the torch for one leg of the torch relay. We all got to hold the torch and get our photos taken with them and hear there stories as to how and why they were selected and also how it felt for them to carry it.

As I mentioned before I can't get through a national anthem without tears (it doesn't even have to be my anthem) I told her I would probably have bawl they entire way. She said that is exactly what she did! She explained that there was such an incredible wave of emotions and just as she was about to begin her run some said, "Just think, at this very moment you are the only person in the world carrying the Olympic flame!" She said that was it! It was a great little moment for us and we all felt very fortunate!

OK who is more excited about this - my kids or their gung-ho mother with the happy dorky smile!

This morning we were lucky enough to get to watch the Canadian figure skaters practice at our local ice rink. A few teams have been practicing here but up until today they have had heavy security. Today they decided to open it up to a few people and we were lucky enough to get in to watch them practice their routines. We sat for almost an hour and a half and watched them. We even saw some pairs, and ice dancing. They make it seem so completely effortless.

I hope you all find a comfy spot to take in the ceremonies tonight and that you are feeling as patriotic as I am! Enjoy!

Go CanadaGo!!

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  1. isn't this an exciting time! i watched the whole hockey game last night. we were cheering canada on, against sweden, of course. what a ride!


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