Friday, April 23, 2010

Nice Lines at a Nice Price

I was in the lighting section of Home Depot the other day and noticed that they sell these replacement jars for the classic old glass jar exterior wall sconces.
The sell for $1.99 and their so cute!
Here are a few uses I came up with.....

Wouldn't it be fun to have a bunch of these lit up it the evening, hanging from the trees that surrounding your out door space?

I also found these painted jars,
this is simple to do but would be pretty with little tea lights in them and used as table decor
or placed around the yard instead of patio lanterns.


Remember seeing these around?

Can you think of anymore uses? What would you do with a few of these jars?


  1. Those are great! Never woulda thought to use them for something else....I think one would work nicely for holding all my make up brushes in the bathroom, or sewing supplies in my cra(p)ft room......

    I painted the insides of clear vases for my daughter's wedding last summer. They turned out beautifully.

  2. Lovely ideas! Actually, when we built our tiny house, I chose these same lights for outdoors. Sweet and unpretentious - they just seem perfect for our tiny cottage in the woods.
    A joyful weekend to you and yours, Catherine!

  3. Great re-purposing on these fixtures!
    Happy day!

  4. WOW Catherine,I am so happy that you made a comment on my BLOG because now I have met another local gal who enjoys a lot of the same things I do. Love your ideas! I am sure I will enjoy reading more from your BLOG. C

  5. Hey, so cool, I saw you on the Funky Junk blog! That must have been an awesome tour! Love the hanging jars with the candles, I want to make a few too. So, love you hardwood floors and was wondering if you could tell me a bit about them, are they the hand scraped one's? Thanks so much, Deb

  6. What great ideas! I was just looking at those the other day wondering where I could use them in my house since I don't have any fixtures like that. Now I have an excuse to go back and get a couple.

  7. What I love about these jar-looking glass light domes is that they don't have the screw tops that food jars have. And the ribbing is so pretty! You asked for other great ideas, but the first thing that came to my mind was painting them... and of course you captured that! What a fun find!!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  8. What a great idea! I want to make some lanterns and felt that canning jars looked too much like canning jars - so this is fantastic!


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