Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally! Something to Blog About!

Yes, I have been an extremely absentee blogger for a while now, but hey, life just gets in the way sometimes!

But for today anyways, I am back!

I decided to try to make a few recycled wool items to listed on Etsy.
(I haven't ventured into Etsy yet, so I'd be extremely happy to have any advice that you'd like to share.)

Here are few little owl's I've been working on - which one is your favorite?

I've been working on some sweater pillows as well,
and even a few recycled wool blanket pillows, too.

More to follow......


  1. I love your owl dolls. Prefer the ones with the blue. Very sweet! Have always loved your blog! Totally understand not posting regular, as I do the same. Really just doesn't matter, cause I know when you do post it is of consequence.

  2. Catherine, those are sooo cute, I think even the "big" people would like one of those in their Christmas stocking! Love the sleepy eye:-)

  3. LOVE the owls! I love their winking eyes!

  4. Love them all!! So cute - and I love the whole recycled sweater look!

  5. Don't make me choose which owl I like the best because they're all terrific!! Okay... I like the first gal because she has the most orange ;-)
    It would be great to see you at our Christmas Party next weekend (10th)!!!


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