Friday, April 22, 2011

Subway Inspired Words to Live By

Ever since the first time I saw subway art I have loved it -
I guess I'm a sucker for typography.
A while ago I discovered a great post by Ashley at lilblueboo
on her amazing take on Resolution Subway art.
She was kind enough to offer instructions as to how she made it
and even included the artwork to reproduce it.
She creates amazing things!

I fell in love with Ashley's version and loved the idea
of having such positive words displayed in my home.
I ran it past my husband and we decided it was near perfect for us.
We wanted to make a little change to it to suit our family better.
So my husband made up a pretty good version on our computer
and I brought the file to the local print shop.
They printed it on to canvas for me then I stretched that around an artist canvas.

It now proudly hangs in my kitchen for our family to read each end everyday.

Thank-you Ashley for sharing your words!


  1. This looks like an awesome DIY project, but sort of hard to do!

  2. Miss seeing you around blogland. Hope you are doing well. Love this project. Did you know Opus makes art canvases from your photos!

  3. I love subway art too. Yours is just perfect! Have you stopped blogging? Or just on a break?


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