Friday, April 22, 2011

Island Chick Vintage Sale

My sister and I went to Anacortes a week ago to the Island Chicks Vintage Show. It was a super fun and inspiring day and I came away with so many ideas and saw many items that I'm sure were inspired by my favorite bloggers!
There were a bundle of items that I hesitated to purchase and am now kicking myself for not buying, such as the perfect antique black typewriter in the case - the beautiful classic kind with the lovely round keys. Also, there were a couple of "old school" silver cup trophies that I wish I'd picked up. Darn, don't you hate that?

Anyhow, I did come home with this perfect little clock!
It still works and even has a snooze feature!

I didn't take too many photos but you can check out this link and there are many great photos for you to really get a good idea of what the show was all about.

The next Island Chicks is scheduled for October 29th if anyone is interested.


  1. What a great clock! I want to go to the next one!!

  2. I would love to check that out. Maybe it's a girls outing for all the west coast bloggers?

  3. I would absolutely love to come! Let's discuss at the meeting??

  4. Hi Cath, I have been keeping up with your blog and I enjoy reading it. Did you know the IOCO store is up for sale? Wouldn't that be fun...maybe in retirement. I just got my blog up, working the kinks out but take a look when you have a chance.It is
    Still figuring out how to work my way around.

  5. so nice furniture!
    love it, vintage :)


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