Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Spring-break Bedroom Re-do

My eleven year-old daughter Olivia and I decided to tackle redecorating her bedroom over the break. She is done with pink - so we removed all the super-girly stuff months ago and even sold her cute little Pottery Barn Kids bedding on craigslist. We then made a denim duvet cover to replace it.
That's as far as we got for a good six months.
We are now on a roll - here's a few images of our progression so far.
I hope you enjoy!

We bought an Ikea Ektorp chair in perfect shape on craigslist, and then we bought bright coloured fabric makers. My daughter took on the project of doodling all over the chair. It was a super fun project for her and she is so proud of it!

I found this old white painted wooden frame at a garage sale for one dollar. We turned it into a chalkboard and in no time she had that all doodled-up too!

That's Liv's own photography on her new violet wall.

We purchased some new sheets and shams, in multi-coloured stripes and polka-dots.

She is really happy with it so far and I notice she is actually keeping it clean!


  1. What a fun bedroom!! I love the doodle chair idea! :) Oh the possibilities!! Liv is a talented photographer too!

  2. What a fun idea, doodling on a chair. I am looking for an Ektorp armchair, never thought of Craiglist! Nice to see you are still around!

  3. I have also bought an Ektorp chair on Craigslist... I LOVE Craigslist! Have a great road trip this weekend!!

  4. I love that doodle chair. We have a lot of similarities Catherine. My 10-year-old is named Olivia and she and I are in the midst of redoing her bedroom as well. So funny that you stopped by yesterday because I was literally thinking of you in the morning. Will definitely include you next time Barb and I go on an adventure:)

  5. Love the city sky-line doodle! Actually, love the whole doodle-on-a-chair idea; the words & phrases Olivia penned in are fantastic and positive! Such a vibrant a fun space :-)
    P.S. You, Carol and Barbara arn't allowed to go on an adventure without me ;-)

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