Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have I Missed the Mark?

Well it all started innocently enough.....
I was just flipping through the PB catalogue and saw this....
and this...

So I thought to myself,
"I should look on craigslist and see if anyone has any old wine making bottles."
So I checked craigslist, and sure enough right down the road someone did!

I made the arrangements to check them out and came back with this....

I sent this photo to my sister at work.
I was all excited about my great find.
Then my phone rings, it's my sister......

"Cath, why did you send me a photo of your recycling?"

Clearly she doesn't get me!!

I spend the afternoon cleaning them out,
then I display them proudly on my big old dresser!

Is anyone thinking this is a few too many!
(And this is only a few of them.)
My husband did!
His first comment was,
"What's with all the bottles?"
He doesn't get me either!

So now I've whittled it down to this.....

and this...

Ever get the feeling that you've missed the mark?
This dresser needs something and it's so darn huge!
Maybe a funky old chippy mirror perched above it?
Obviously, I need some candles, and a few flowers and some help.
Any suggestions?

Please excuse the laundry hanging out of the bottom drawer.....
Oops, How'd I miss that?

By the way, if you are looking to collect a few old bottles of your own try using the word
"demijohn" or "carboy" in your search.
(Wine making terms for large bottle and larger bottle!)
Or you could just e-mail me, I think I have a few to spare!


  1. Oh yes, I get 'em! A chippy old mirror leaning on the back of your dresser would be perfect!

  2. I think they look fantastic! I really like the way you put some in the wire basket and the green ones are gorgeous. I completely sympathize ... my family doesn't get me either. That dresser is amazing but I agree, a mirror would look great.

  3. LOL! Love this.

    Perhaps try one idea or the other (the group on the right OR the group on the left), along with some added height. Your mirror idea is wonderful!

    Bring abit of life to the bottles, such as the flowers in your inspiration photos and just play around until it feels right.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with! :) I still haven't done a thing with my bottles. YET. :)


  4. OH... I so get it! I am the happy owner of one of your treasures thanks to Donna. I guess I missed you by a day. You need to come into the store and see if we have anything for your dresser. I actually have almost the same dresser in the store but in blue, beautiful! C

  5. Love it! I think a mirror would be fantastic as the bottles would reflect in the mirror. They need some flowers too! I think my husband would think I am off my rocker collecting bottles from Craiglist - but he hasn't seen my collection of old gaudy gold frames I found at the thrift store last week, one even came with a cute oil painting of Mt. Baker! He thinks I am but nutty always finding things just to fix them up.
    Glad to have found someone as nutty, er, uhm, CREATIVE as me!

  6. Fabulous bottles, Catherine! I particularly like the ones with finger hooks on the necks... makes me think of that method of drinking your spirits where you swing the bottle up onto your forearm. Or maybe my red-neck roots are showing!! HaHa!
    Flowers!! Get some flowers!

  7. Love the bottles always a good's my suggestion for your dresser...change the knobs to black so they aren't harsh on everything else or something soft. I like black because it ties in with the shadows of the drawers...then take the candle stick looking ones and put them to the right of the dresser take the two small masons and put them on the left without the basket...take the two smaller of the green grouping and put them on the left side as well to the back of the masons. put a small bunch of flowers like daisy's in the small mason jar an UNFRAMED mirror behind it and wahla...maybe a picture frame to the side with the candle type ones...if you send me your email I will send you a copy of what I mean made via a bad photoshop edit :)


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