Saturday, January 23, 2010


I think the biggest surprise upon getting married is that my husband actually had an opinion about what we put into our place! I don't really know why this was a surprise to me but somehow I hadn't thought he'd care all that much. Maybe it was the fact that he only had a futon, a computer desk and his beloved rattan sofa.
For the most part things have worked out but I have to tell you there have been some compromises along the way.

Big Compromise #1

Does anyone else have one of these in their living room that they have to work around? Pretty sure this is a 32" and believe me he would have been a lot happier with a 50+++, and yes I would have been happier with a 20" or none at all.

Compromise #2

It had to be leather!
This photo doesn't really do this beast justice. I do actually like this sofa, but I wouldn't have chosen it for this space. Having a leather sofa was the most important item on my husband's wish list. We discussed and discussed and it was clear that this was really important to him, so if I had to have a leather sofa I wanted to add a few requirements of my own.

Requirement # 1 - No pouffy attached pillows on the back or arm rests.
You know the ones, right?

Requirement #2 - No shiny leather - must have more of a distressed feel.

Requirement #3 - No colored leather, must be blackish-brownish, sort of aviator-ish.

This is what we came up with.
It looked a lot better when we first got it, but now the pillows are starting to droop in the center and the dye seems to be wearing on the cushions more than the rest of the sofa- not so sure what can be done about that.

Marriage is full of compromise and in the big scheme of things this is nothin'!

I bet your wondering what happened to the rattan sofa!
About a week before our wedding day we were moving his stuff into our first place and on the way down the elevator with this sofa some guy asked,
"What are you gonna do with that? It is really nice!"
I think my husband was so proud that someone appreciated it
that he gave it to the guy on the spot!
Sayounara! Adios! Good-bye!


  1. LOL!! I have one of those big black mammoths in my living room too. Houses sure weren't designed for such things back in the day. I plan to put a floor screen in front of mine when I find the right thing.


  2. What a fun post! I think we can all identify ;) My husband put his furniture (horrible horrible stuff) in a storage unit for about 2 years before finally parting with it. Hundreds of dollars wasted, but he eventually realized we'd never have space enough for 2 sets of furniture, and mine was better. For example, he moved once (before me) & couldn't fit his sofa in the apartment, so he sawed the dang thing in half to get it in! He wanted to keep that. sigh.

  3. Too funny! After 24 years of marriage, though, my hubby doesn't have many opinions. I tell him my house is like his office at's where I do all my work keeping the house running smoothly. If he was open to my opinion decorating his office, then he could have opinions on decorating at home. :)

    And we JUST got a 40 in flat screen for Christmas. It's actually not too bad as it takes up way less room than the beast we had before in an entertainment center. I have ours sitting on a primitive old dresser I had as a kid. I'll have to post some pics sometime.

    Couches....the bane of my existence. I would love to have some leather (so easy to care for I hear), but for now I have a couple craigslist beauts that need slipcovered. :)

  4. I laughed when I read this. Yes we had a leather couch discussion too. I do recall our differing ideas on what a leather sofa should look like - mine wanted puffy armrests! Yikes - I won that one and I purchased a nice black modern looking leather sofa (you can see it on my blog). Also yes we have a huge TV, my requirement was that it couldn't scream "TV" and had to fit inside our bookcase set up.
    BUT he had an opinion on my lamp that I silver leafed - he hated it! You win some and lose some.

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