Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time For Some Changes

Each January once the tree is down, I find that the bare spot where the tree once stood makes me question my space, and somehow makes me look at it a little differently. I realized that when we moved in to this place (3 years ago) we plopped the furnishings down and then never really thought about it again. So this January I began to question my placement, moved some things around, and have now come up with a few changes I am happy with. I feel like I am now finally beginning to finish things off a bit around here.

I've had this great braided wool rug for years but have never really put it to good use, it has now found a home in a cozy little corner beneath this chair and ottoman. I purchased the chair and ottoman at Sears of all places - they were sitting in an opposite corner of the room and now they look way more inviting in their new home. I recently found an old burlap sack and stretched it over a canvas, then added it plus a couple family photos to the wall above. Although this corner is not perfect, it is an improvement and feels a bit more finished than the blank walls we have had since we moved in.

I love little spots just for one - the perfect little place to sit quietly and read a book or flip through a new magazine.
I saw the burlap sack art idea at Junk Sophisticate if you haven't been there yet you should really check her out!

You can barely see our phone sitting on an old suitcase, I need a little table, or a stack of suitcases to lift it off the floor. Maybe I'll build a little bench. Ana at Knock of Wood has inspired me! If you haven't been to her blog yet you should.

Now I had to fill the bare spot where the chair above stood - so I brought out the chair below which was a roadside find and is actually super comfortable. It has been begging for new upholstery ever since I brought it home, and I'm happy to say that this will be happening soon. I found this ugly little ottoman at the local thrift store the other day and it will be joining the chair in the make over. I've ordered some new turned wood legs off of Ebay and will soon shop for some new fabrics to freshen this pair up.

Is this ottoman crying out for some new legs or what?

The PB lamp is a gift from my very generous mother-in-law.
My Hubby works in the film industry and is big into movies, so this piece suits us quite well.

I bought this old vintage movie reel off of ebay for my him this Christmas,
but still haven't found the right spot for it. Soon!

Then there is my curtain dilemma. We inherited these drapes with the house and although they go well enough they are perhaps not what I would have picked, but I think I can work with them. Notice the ugly standard drapery rod, and what do you do with patio doors anyways.
This patio door is ridiculously close to the fireplace and I have no choice but to have all this heavy drapery mashed right into the side of the fireplace. Talk about a focal point!

After a lot of looking and considering, I realized that these pinch pleat drapes actually extend far beyond the windows they are meant to cover, and once shut they turn that wall into an entire wall of drapes. So my plan is to hack off a bunch of curtain, chop the patio door drape right down the center so that half can hang on either side of the patio door, thus reducing the huge amount of bulk that has been butted right up to my fireplace. Then I'll pick up some nice little oil rubbed bronze rods with some rings and hopefully that should improve this nasty situation.


  1. What a pretty spot. I love the ottoman you found, can't wait to see what you do with it. For the curtains, you could cut them off at the bottom and add another fabric along the bottom to just spice them up a bit!

    Where did you find the burlap? I have been looking for some to cover my son's bulletin board OR the one in my kitchen. Living in the burbs, the whole vintage/thrift finds can be a bit dismal.

  2. Very cozy spot! Love how you arranged that little sitting area. And stretching that sack over canvas??? GEnIUS. Can't wait to see how you reupholster the chair and get some new sassy legs on the ottoman. I love rooms that have little individual spots for little vignettes that make up the whole.

    I think you're on the right track with the drapes. You could also think about adding some kind of trim along the side (pom pom fringe?) or ribbon strips along the bottom. Just a thought. :) It's a lovely room!

  3. You know what I love? I love seeing a work in progress and reading your thought process as you consider your options. It's a huge help to the reader to see your ideas unfolding, like your thoughts about the drapes! Wonderful. You have such neat pieces, Catherine, and why am I not surprised that you, like me, are a roadside-finds kind of girl? I'm always dragging some funky piece home with me. People throw out such cool stuff! xoxo

  4. I just found your blog from Hodge: Podge. I'm looking forward to following along. I always hate the bare spot when the tree comes down too! Always makes me want to rearrange the entire room even though it somehow seemed just fine before the tree went up! I think your room looks great!


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