Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Boys and Their Many Toys

I love decorating my boys room! There are so many great little vintage toys that are so colourful and add great little bits of childhood nostalgia to a room.
There is nothing like a vintage toy to take you back to a simpler time - if only for a moment.
Below are my favorite boyish vignettes!

I'm a sucker for a VW!

A favorite colour combination - black and cream!

How could you possibly be mad at your child for drawing such a sweet little smiley face on your favorite old bookcase? To me this little drawing actually adds to its charm - that ridiculously sweet little first drawing preserved for a lifetime!

Balls, cars, and games! I love these storage bins!

My old teddy bear, an antique child's chair from a free garage sale (what a great concept), a surf board growth chart and a vintage wooden racket!

What lovely little things to be surrounded by while growing up!
I'm sure these toys don't bring nearly as much pleasure to my sons right now as they do for me, but it won't be long before they search out these little treasures for their own little boys!


  1. So precious! My youngest is 10 now and I miss the little things like this!

  2. The toys vignettes look so sweet. I noticed on your side bar your owl made out of recycled sweaters, I love it!!!!

  3. Very cute toys. Don't you just love knowing that some child got so much enjoyment out of it. It gives the piece a soul.

  4. Ohhh you got me with the vw and gumby/polky one! Memories and good times came rushing back!

    Your boys are most fortunate to have a lovely room like that. Today I found my son drilling holes in his wall right after I touched it up with paint. What. Ever.

    Thanks for linking up to the party! This one was fun to look at!

    Funky Junk Donna

  5. I love VW's, too! My ex bf had an orange bus, good times! Great photos!
    I discovered you via the vignette party, so nice to meet you!
    All the best,

  6. I love it all! I have an antique 1905 school desk for my son that I love, and I too have a vw bus toy (that is played with often!) displayed in my son's room. It's the little things that make it homey!
    ps. LOVE the little face on the shelf! I would love that :)

  7. I love that surfboard growth chart! These vignettes are so sweet, and very inspiring, Catherine!

  8. You have some fabulous vignettes!!! Love the VW's, love the first day of school, love the bear on the chair, got to love gumby (brings back great childhood memories). Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed them all.

  9. I could scoop up the entire Teddy Bear vignette and take it home with me! Too sweet!

  10. Awesomeness! (my word for the day)I tend to skip my little guys' room in my decorating. Which is such a shame as they are using their grampa's heywood wakefield twin bed set. Perfect for a vintage-themed bedroom! I'd love to see how you did this entire room...give me some more inspiration!

  11. I love GUMBY. I totally had one of those. Nice work!

  12. How darling! Love all your little vignettes of vintage toys. I recently saw a post that shared using vintage and retro toys for a baby shower theme. Loved the idea.
    AKA Junk Sophisticate


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