Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Quick Halloween Mantle

My Daughter asked if I could please do a better job of decorating for Halloween - so I decided this is the year that I do more than just carve a pumpkin!

The pumpkin patch is the perfect place start.
Hard to get a bad shot a the "punkin" patch!

My middle child is the last of my kids to make it onto this blog.
He's a cutie don't ya think?

Simple! ... but nice.

Pesky little creature!

Halloween and costumes are keeping me from my other passions - sweaters & junk.
I hope to return to these passions soon,
but in the meantime stay tuned for more Halloween decorating!


  1. I just stumbled upon your pretty blog tonight. I'm a flea market and tag sale girl, too, so I'm loving your posts! Have a great weekend! xo Gigi

  2. Great looking mantle! I'm so glad you're the one redoing Moms's gonna look SO great (and you better post about it here!)

    I'm thinking about being a lumberjack for Halloween! I wanted something warm and comfy. Plus I think I'll look adorable in skinny jeans, work boots, and a mack jacket. Have you seen many hats with side flaps in your thrifting travels lately? It's all I'm missing!

  3. That is a really lovely mantle...i like the simplicity of decorating with nature...! Happy weekend to you!

  4. What a good mommy! My kids are waiting for pumpkin carving this weekend...but I've already decorated for fall. They think my white pumpkins are rejects. :o) Love your blog and am following now. Thanks for stopping by!


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