Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When is it time to ask for professional help?

I went out for dinner with my non-junk collecting friends, I mentioned this garage sale I went to and their response was, "Cath, your not turning into a hoarder are you?" I've been asked this question a few times lately. The answer is "No, I'm not". I can assure you there is still plenty of room to move in my house - for now!
This weekend I had a load of fun at a yearly school fundraiser Garage Sale. I actually made three trips to my van! Pictured below are some photos of my vast haul!

The crate, fuzzy felts, shrinky dinks, smokey the bear, travel bingo and a bunch of other retro fun things for my kids! I don't know why but I feel the need to buy up anything from my childhood. Does anyone else do this , or is it just me? Paid $4 for all that you see above!

Corning ware "Cornflowers" tea pot, Corning ware "Spice of Life" coffee perk, basket, Fireking mug, pyrex mug, mini Eiffel tower, Vintage chrome canister set, huge white Grip stand bowl, and wooden caddy thingy, all for $6.50!! Yay me!

Two Cinnamon brooms for $1, will use them with a "Park Your Broom Here" sign in my Halloween display.

A better photo of my $1 grip stand bowl!

A little sled, soon to be part of my Christmas display, $5!

My boys have a bit of a surf theme in their room so when I found these items I jumped on them. These five licensee plates and the UCLA pennant (my husband went to UCLA) total cost $2.50. Again, Yay!
These vintage travel bingo cards are too fun! You have to slide the red thingy over when you spot that particular car, but the cars are Mercury, Lincoln, Plymouth, Cadillac, Rambler, Imperial, Pontiac, Cougar, Corvette, Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Dodge and Mustang and the only import is Volkswagen. It would be hard to play this game now. Don't you think it would be funny if I gave these to my kids for our next road trip? I think I might do it just for fun.
Smokey the bear and this batman tin - 75 cents total.

As well as buying up my childhood memories, I have also been subconsciously collecting things for a cottage that I don't have and may never own. I collect things like old mason jars for vases, old tins also to be used as vases, vintage sheets, vintage kitchen items and am now on the hunt for vintage aprons, tea towels and some jadeite mugs. Seeing as I may never have a cottage maybe I should just pack up all this really cool stuff with me next time I go camping. I'll be pouring coffee into my really cool retro mugs from my sweet little coffee perk made, lovely flowers in mason jars on my picnic table! Can you picture it? Maybe I can even turn those 70's floral sheets into sleeping bag liners for our tent! I'll see if my husband goes for that!

Thankfully I have a really big attic!


  1. OmGgosh, you got some awesome stuff in your haul. Many, many of my friends don't 'get' me and my hoarding habits either, so I just come home and hop on the 'puter to make the rounds to my junkin' buddies online :O) And I'm also hoping and saving stuff for the cottage I will prolly never find...

  2. So, I'm really commenting on your flickr photostream - your creations are so very sweet..! I love them!! What a perfectly great way to give old sweaters a new life..! Beautiful work... Have you thought about opening an Etsy shop...hmm? :) These are all really lovely.


  3. Hi Maria,

    I actually have thought about starting up an Etsy shop but for now i'd be too busy to keep it stocked. Maybe when all the kids are in school. Thanks for dropping by, and for your nice words.


  4. Auntie Cath, you took the words right out of my mouth! The only difference is that my finds are all purely textile. I certainly don't *need* any more clothes, but it doesn't make sense to say no when the perfect dress presents itself for under $6!

    Also, yesterday I scored a whole wack of designer jeans for $4 each at the Salvation Army. They sell for over $80 at the consignment store I work at...profit!

    Lotsa love

  5. It seems you are having a blast. I think doing what makes you happy is what's important. Have fun!

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