Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Dream in Slow Motion

After a camping trip to Bayview Washington this summer I found myself longing for a slower pace. The thing about this particular camping trip was that it was soooo peaceful. (I really enjoyed myself!)

It began in the early morning with dew still on the blackberry brambles, the whistling of the kettle, the smell of the gas stove and coffee - everything was perfect. There is something so homey and calming about these things to me. Then there was time to sit and enjoy that cup of coffee while reading a little while. We had no agenda, no plans or goals set, we would simply do what we felt like doing each day. What a luxury! We'd end each night sitting around our campfire and talking - somehow you never say the words, "Not now I'm too busy" when you are camping. One of the many things that I love about Washington is all the little towns to poke around in - Coupeville, La Conner, Edison, to name a few.

My Family in Coupeville, Washington

There is something magical that you get from walking across a wooden porch and walking through an old screen door that we rarely get these days - and that is the slower pace that sits waiting on the other side.

My New Dream!

So, inspired by my camping trip and all the little sleepy towns I visited, I realized there is really nothing sleepy about my neck of the woods. There is no place to walk across a wooden porch, enter through a screen door, so that you might be transported to a simpler time. I have cultivated a new dream for myself, and that is to one day own this little beauty and piece of history in my neighbourhood. Then begin the loving transformation of her into a charming little country cafe, complete with penny candy for kids, a cutting garden out back - a place where the music and the food make you forget all the stresses of life for a moment, and make you feel like you're sitting in your Grandma's kitchen once again. (Perhaps a little hipper than my Grandma's!) And of course it would be tastefully decorated with all kinds of flea market finds!
Perhaps it's a bit of a romantic idea at this point in my life, but it's a good dream that I plan to keep dreaming for a while.

If you want to be transported to a simpler time visit
and make sure browse around long enough for the music to kick in. Sure to relieve some stress!
I hope you take the time to visit this very sweet and colorful blog!

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