Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bayview Peaceful Camping

My daughter and I picked these sweet little flowers at the beach on the night when we arrived.

The boys enjoying their ice-cream in Coupville, Washington.
The kids in a driftwood log fort at Fort Ebey, WA.

The abundant blackberries that surrounded three of the four sides to our campsite.
A beach full of perfect skipping stones at Rosario Beach, WA.

I meant to start blogging a way when I got back from Bayview camping but it didn't happen, so now I am making up for lost time. I don't think it really matters as I only have one follower and that is my husband. It sounds like I think he doesn't matter, but he does. We camped for a week at Bayview State Park in Washington and had a wonderful time. The best part about it was the peace and quiet. With three young kids that is mostly unheard of for us, but my husband Rob and I actually relaxed and read inspiring books and felt more rested than we have been in a long time. (I read "Blogging for Bliss") There is a nice beach and plenty of little towns to poke around in. We would have stayed longer if the sites weren't all booked for the weekend. I guess five days is long enough.

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