Friday, September 4, 2009

Sixty-One Pounds of Wooly Love

Did you ever wonder what 61 pounds of sweaters looked like? Well you're looking at it. My new washed and felted finds from yesterday!

Sweaters Color Story #1 - Today shrunken old sweaters, tomorrow a quilt!
Today I spent half the day checking out blogs. My gosh you can sure get lost in this world. There are so many incredibly inspiring women out there. I found this morning. I love Candy Allen and have already told a bunch of people about her and her brilliance! It is so great to find one blog that you really click with, then you search through their favorite blogs and before you know it you are riding this amazing wave of inspiration. I am truly awestruck.

Question: How do some of these mothers homeschool their five children, have time to do their crafts, decorate their homes to perfection, write and publish a book about it, bake yummy pies and stews with farm fresh fruits and vegetables they bought at the local farmers market, and then find the time to photograph it and then write about it? (Yes, it is true - I have read your blogs and you know who you are!) This is really a serious question. What do you think about that? Cuz' I had a really fun day, reading blogs, photographing sweaters, and cutting out squares for my sweater quilt (that was the second half of my day), but apart from one game of Uno with my boys I really did not win any parenting awards today. Hopefully I will find a balance soon.


  1. "Today shrunken old sweaters, tomorrow a quilt!" It really nice ^^ That the way we can save money as well as save our planet (pollution), hihi.

    Your story reminds me that when I were young, every year we (I and my brother) grew up a little bit, so my mom unravel our wool sweaters and re-knit the new ones with adding some more wool ^^ Therefore we have the new ones really fit... Sweet memory ^^

  2. I agree, that is a really sweet memory! I love resourcefulness!


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