Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Incase You are Wondering.....

A quick up date for you - sweater strips are a no go for now. Knitting with sweaters cut into strips proved to be too much for the knitting needles to take, one actually snapped in half. So I'm thinking that I might unravel what I've done and I'm leaning towards making a braided rug
or mat with them instead. Or I might just I'll invest in some metal knitting needles.
I worked on the tension on the road side industrial sewing machine and I miraculously nailed it. It works great now. Also, I have mastered the bobbin winder (no easy task on this machine) and have spent the entire weekend working on Sweater Quilt No. 1. I am happy to say that it is now complete except for the backing which I have yet to decide on. Did I forget to say , "I love it"? I will take photos soon - am waiting on better light.
The kids are fine - they had all day play dates, I gave them cuddles and made them healthy cookies - all is well.
On another note I would like to say Thank you to the lady who donated her Matt & Nat bag to Value Village and also thank you to the VV employee who priced it. You have both made me very happy and I plan to have a great fall with my new bag.

As well I'd like to thank the lady who sold me this wonderful Lululemon bag for only $3 at a garage sale. Even though I will probably never use it I really do appreciate it and will happily sell it some day to help support my decorating and craft additions.


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