Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, September

September is such a busy month. No sooner do I finally get all the school supplies organized and bought, the kids settled into their new classes and then the activities start. I am now running around trying to find a cub scout uniform, ice skates for three kids, and soccer cleats for our four year olds mini feet.
Garage sales are great for finding used sports equipment. I once bought three hockey helmets, and two pairs of skates for $1 each, I brought them into the local sports consignment shop and walked away with $100 a week later! I love it when that happens.
It has been a good week with the kids in school again. I have enjoyed having a few hours each day to finish a thought, tackle a few patiently waiting prijects, and catch up on all those little summer neglects.
Making a sweater quilt is no simple task - or so I am finding out. Since I have never actually quilted before I find myself wondering if these sweaters actually would have preferred to be a blanket instead. Either way I love what is becoming and I know I will be happy with the end result - I just had not anticipated this much work.
My felted sweater quilt project, when it was just a mere blanket.


  1. Auntie Cath, that blanket is GORGEOUS!! I love it. I would looove to learn how to sew next Spring when I have my own apartment (and room for a sewing machine...).

  2. I will happily help you with that!

  3. That gorgeous colours and texture! Just wonderful! I wish it was wrapped around me now. It's a little chilly on the coast at night these days, is it not? :)

    Your neighbour, Donna


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