Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why I Love Garage Sales!

You just never know what you'll find when you head out the door, cash and maps in hand. Sometimes it is total bust, but usually I 'll come home with at least one thing I really love.

Yesterday I went to what I thought would be the lamest garage sale only to find a crock for $1!!!
Who would sell a crock for only a buck?

This frame is one of my all time favorite scoops. Only $5 if you can believe it. I'm so thankful for people who don't see the value in the things they have. This large and lovely frame may eventually become a chalkboard or a mirror. I'm leaning towards it becoming a chalkboard for my kitchen.
Awwww! A kodak brownie for $3.50, and I even found a vintage Brownie ad to frame. I've been wanting one of these cameras for a while. Do you ever catch your self bartering for miniscule amounts? I catch myself all the time - man that's embarrassing - just give them the 25 cents already!

These old stamps are soooooo beautiful - I love to decorate with letters. Another favorite find.

This little shelf always makes me happy to look at. My husbands Grandfather owned a grocery and ice cream shop in Manitoba called "Randall's Red and White", an old photo of that completes this vignette. What's your best ever find?


  1. I'd have to say I'm still in total awestruck love with my funky mirror I have on my fireplace mantel. A whoppin' $10!

    I love crock pots too and have them all over the place. And that frame?!? AMAZING!


  2. Those are some fantastic finds! That crock for a dollar is crazy. Well done!

  3. Wow, that crock is quite a find! Good for you. When I find something like that I have to stifle to urge to squeal and run to my car...Found you through Flea Market Finds, BTW.


    Nice for you - I adore crocks too & am so very jealous!

  5. the crock is a great find! I am so in love with your letters...I love to go garage sale-ing, but man, I never find good stuff like that! Thanks for following my blog...I take it as quite a complement considering how little I have been able to post...and how great your blog is!


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